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MHO Monday Mingle #7

MHO Monday Mingle #7
This Week’s Theme: LUCK

1.  Do you believe in luck? Why or why not?
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Not really, I believe we control our own destiny by hard work, determination, honesty, and integrity…and of course there is mother nature and God’s will that plays a factor. I do, however, have a lucky number. 7. Since this week is the 7th MHO Monday Mingle, I chose to make the Theme Luck
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.2.  Do you or have you ever had any good luck charms?
I’ve always said number 7 was lucky. I know I said I don’t believe in luck, and I don’t truly believe that. I’ve played a ton of sports growing up. Starting at the age of 5 my number in baseball and softball was always 7. No luck really, I was a BEAST! <—Don’t you love my modesty. I have just always enjoyed that number and if I have to pick a number that is it.
Also, I have a silly tradition when my team (UNC Tarheels) is playing I have to have my cup out with the logo facing the team. Again, I realize that this brings them absolutely no luck whatsoever (this is obvious by this season), but it is something I do to get into the game.


3.  Does your Significant Other have a lucky charm? What is it?

My husband has a little plastic motorcycle our oldest son (his form a previous marriage) gave him when he was very little. My husband keeps it in his pocket at all times. He has taken it on every deployment. Not really as a good luck token, but more as a memory from when his son was a little baby. He missed a lot of his toddler years from being deployed.

4.  Where do you think the word Luck originated from? Just guess if you don’t know

So I asked this question and have no idea. I know the term luck of the Irish, but I’m sure it has nothing to do with that. I guess I don’t know. I’ll have to look it up as soon as I’m done with this post.  Maybe if you’re reading this and you know, you can put the answer in the comments below.

5.  Do you know of anyone who goes overboard with luck or lucky charms? Please explain!

No, I don’t know any crazy luck people. I do know some folks who spend way too much money on lottery tickets and use the same numbers over and over again because some psychic told them they were their lucky numbers. To me, that is overboard. That is until they win and I want to borrow a million dollars.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Grab the button and questions and repost on your page!!! You don’t have to answer the questions, you can just repost the button on your sidebar or in a post. Link your page or post up and mingle with other bloggers!!! No rules, just meet new people!
From one of Our reader :I always believe my lucky number is 13, It always shows up in numbers used to identify me. (It was even my radio number at the S.O.:))
Have an awesome day!

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